Saturday, August 19, 2006

Orchid Chemical

Orchid NSE from Jan 2004
Orchid Chemicals and PharmaceuticalsAt the current market price of Rs205, Orchid is quoting at 13.2x its FY2007 estimated earnings and at 8.4x its FY2008 estimated earnings, on a consolidated basis. The stock has undergone a steep correction in recent times, and we believe it is attractively valued at the current price. We maintain our Buy recommendation on Orchid, with a price target of Rs390. - SSKI


Anonymous said...

Good news for investors who bought Orchid at a higher level!

Orchid today closed above 210!! The next target is 225 and the next is 240 from a short term view.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Orchid Chemicals had closed weekly above 205 for 2 consecutive weeks. It is a good stock for next week since expiry of futures. It will up by at least Rs. 20/25 before expiry. Buy for short term target of 230/232 with SL 194.40.

Anonymous said...

Orchid Chemical has crossed major resistance level of Rs. 212/- and closed above this level for two consequetive trading days. Now its target 1 will be 227 and target 2 for 233.50 for short term. Therefore short term traders can buy this stock with SSL 204.40. Do not remain short on this stock. News of stake at Rs. 260/- is on the ways. Any day stock will go 10/20% up cercuit.