Friday, March 23, 2007

Guide to Exchange Traded Funds

I think It is very unlikely that you already know what Exchange Traded Funds(ETF) are because as I learned, it is an emerging concept! If you are a trader / investor situated in the USA; you probably may have heard or read about it sometime.

I found a Guide to Exchange Traded Funds on the internet which explains the whole thing. It seems to be a easy to digest if you already are trading in stocks and Mutual Funds. To my understanding, Exchange Traded Funds are a golden mean between the Stocks and Mutual Funds! It has the advantages of both, the stocks trading and the Mutual Funds.

EFTs can be traded on the stock exchanges just like one trades in the stocks, with ticker symbols! Thats what made me even more interested dig a little more to find about Exchange Traded Funds. This site, etfguide explains the concept way much better than me ;) and is a through guide on the Exchange Traded Funds. Do go there and check it for yourself.

-- Happy trading

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