Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Indian Stock Markets Fall

Everybody wondering about what’s next!

Heavy selling was seen through the sectors on the indices.
At one point Nifty had 49 stocks in red against only 1 stock in green!!

Some think that this fall down was triggered by some news from the Thai markets.
Some say it can not really be the reason for such a major fall, there are many more other factors caused the selling.

Some think that the 5 month lasting uptrend is over. The Indian Stock Markets were volatile in past weeks, suggesting that it may have lost the steam and finally the nervousness caused the fall, last week as well as today.
Some feel that the retailers were not participating at all.

Some people also feel that the Christmas is in the air and that could be one of the reasons to book the profits and go on holiday for the FIIs.

Whatever may be the reason for this fall, but the bottom line is that no body is talking about what would happen next :) So, just chill!!

The Indian Stock Markets are bound to be highly volatile and range bound (what could be the range though?! :))
Of course, we don’t need an Analyst to predict this!!!

So take care and trade smart