Friday, December 22, 2006

Stock Market Update

The Indian Stock Markets are trading in green and the major movers are the Metal, Auto stocks.

The Markets recovered a bit after the fall back and will be volatile. The Nifty looks like will be trading in the range of 3700 - 3900. In a week or two, Nifty could also touch 3930 levels. So, that should be a god opportunity for those who went long on Nifty and the markets disappointed them. Of course, many of these people must have used stop losses' but I know a few who didn't protect their money and still are sitting on the long position! They would see the 3930 levels as a life saver.

The overall markets should be charged up in Jan with quarterly results coming in and the budget indicators moving faster.

Rajat K. Bose feels that the Markets may see recovery if Sensex sustains above 13515. Here are some more opinions about the markets from the experts.

Happy Trading

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